Friday, August 7, 2015

No Peace

U.K. based Alfa Mist recently released his debut EP called "Nocturne" which includes a track called "No Peace" which features Tom Misch. In fact, if you check out the track list the EP also included features by Jordan Rakei and Carmody, who are also featured on Tom Misch's upcoming album "Beat Tape 2". It's really cool how they all seem to help each other out on their own projects and if you're more interested in that, you can check out the "Are We Live" podcast which features regular guests: Alfa Mist, Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei and Barney Artist (see link below). The instrumental, combined with Tom's lush vocal is like just blissful easy listening. Just take this track as a taster for the entire Nocturne EP, which is out now and available via Itunes (link below)

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Check out "Are We Live" Podcast HERE

Up next is a remix of CHINAH's track "Away From Me" by Toronto based producer Michah. This remix has a chilled out club vibe with some soft synths and a great melody on the chorus, which is both catchy and fits the vibe of the track. You can also pick up a free download of the remix via the box below. Enjoy :)

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