Sunday, August 9, 2015

Call My Name

Kaskade recently announced his upcoming album "Automatic" and soon after decided to give away a track that unfortunately did not make the cut for the album called "Call My Name". The track features Rae Morris on vocal and it's a track with a slightly darker vibe than you might be used to from the U.S. producer and DJ. Rae Morris was definitely a good choice for a track like this and although it won't be on the album, you get to enjoy it right here below or feel free to grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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There's been a lot of controversy around the track "Where Are Ü Now" and to a great extend it was due to the fact that it featured Justin Bieber on vocal. Ember Island did a great cover of the track though and now the secretive producer Cignature decided to remix it. Some say Cignature is a side project of Audien, but while this is still unconfirmed, there no need for further speculation. Instead, hit play, enjoy and pick up a free download below:

Download HERE
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