Friday, August 28, 2015

Beat Tape 2

It's been teased for a while, then it got delayed and a few weeks ago the first single dropped from Tom Misch's Beat Tape 2.

Beat Tape 1 was what it said on the tin, but Beat Tape 2 stretches the concept further and also shows the development Tom Misch has gone through over the last year. The new album includes a lot more tracks with vocals, featuring collabs with Carmody, Jordan Rakei, Sam Wills, Loyle Carner, Zak Abel and more. For the Tom Misch 'instrumental purist', there are tracks without vocals too, like "Falafel" and "Come Back". Tom Misch has also taken on a slightly more clubby approach with the track "Your Love" and has also included the clubby/charleston style collab he did with Bearcubs, which was originally released a year ago.

Beat Tape 2 is a stroke of genius and when listening to the entire album, you genuinely get the feeling that this is a guy who enjoys what he's doing and this is reflected in the music and this radiates onto the listener.

While Beat Tape 2 does indeed drop today, there will be an 'extended' album available via Bandcamp in a months time and a limited number of vinyls available later as well.

Below you can stream "Your Love" feat. Alexa Harley and "Beautiful Escapes" feat. Zak Abel and below that you can stream the entire Beat Tape 2. Enjoy :D

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