Monday, January 25, 2016


It's a fresh new week and what better way to begin it than with a brand new album release!

Italian disco duo Fare Soldi have resurfaced with a cracking piece of work called 21+ containing 10 new tracks and featuring artists such as Godblesscomputers, M+A, Mc Divine and Sam Sparro. It's one of the most diverse disco albums I've heard in years and it showcases boatloads of creativity, experimenting is new directions, but also staying true to the origins of disco music. I've selected two tracks from the album below: "+21" feat. Godblesscomputers and "Touch Back" feat. Sam Sparro, because I think those two tracks represent this album and what it stands for remarkably well.

For the release I also had the chance to interview Fare Soldi. Here's what they had to say:

1. How did you come up with the title "21+” for the album and what does it refer to?

While we were writing down the songs for this album, we felt that we were aiming to express a wider scenario of feelings than our classic party vibe. The songs were touching adult and complex emotions like desire, regret, rage and of course love. So we wanted to underline this more mature mood on the record, and we chose “21+”.

2. Is there a track on the album that you are particularly proud of?

We wrote the album as an entity of all the songs together, so we wanted them to balance each other.
We can’t say one is better than the others, because our goal was to make them work together, not only as singles. And our songs are like sons and daughters to us, how can you choose among them? :-)

3. From where do you draw your inspiration and where did the passion for disco music come from?

We discovered disco from our parents’ records and when we were kids, listening to those amazing samples used in ‘90s hip hop. We always bring different tastes in our music: indie rock, hip hop, house, techno, but we’re definitely devoted to the disco attitude, ‘cause it always carries good vibes on the floor. So we take inspiration from touring around the world, personal experiences, places, our lives, and then we put everything down on some grooves.

4. Are you planning to go on any tour soon?

It’s 3 years that we’re writing the songs you’ll find on “21+”, and especially last year we focused on working on it and not touring like previous years. Now the record is finally done, so here we are World, you just need to ask. :-)

5. If you could teach the world one Italian word, what would it be?

FRICO, our beloved recipe of cheese, potatoes and onions from our city, Udine.
We play FRICO DISCO, better to know why we called that way.

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Get 21+ by Fare Soldi HERE
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