U.S. based producer Kiso Armic returns with a remix for Shaun Frank & KSHMRs "Heaven" feat. Delayne Jane. Kiso has made his version more laid back with a cool and tropical guitar house melody, which suits the theme of the track well. In fact, I prefer this version over the more upbeat original and I think the theme is more appropriately represented by Kiso's chill guitar sound. That beings said the original suits Shaun Frank's portfolio of music better. Either way...music diversity FTW...Kiso is giving this one away for free, so grab copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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Sticking with guitar sounds...the next track a new remix by Felix Cartal for Kiiara's hit "Feels". Just like the track above, this is a very calming and easy going track. It's a pleasant combination of what the original had to offer, with the addition of a subtle clubby feel. The reason why Felix Cartal decided to remix this track was out of pure love for the original. That's how remixes should really come about! Respect for that. You can pick up Felix's remix for free, via the link below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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