Friday, January 22, 2016

Point Blank Music School: Week 6 + Masterclass 6 + 1-2-1 #3

Week 6: Structure and Arrangement

  • Slice to midi: Macro loop compress functions
  • Structure: breakdowns, larger sections, method
  • Arrangement: how parts co exist
  • Arrangement types: songs, tracks
  • Project: Soy Mustafa ‘Red’, Jonny Miller Remix
  • Arranging: delete time, copy sections, als files
  • Tips: fills, Red drums, fill from original drum loop
Only two weeks left of what has been an amazing course so far. This week focussed a lot on how tracks can be structured and how they can be arranged. The self study part showed examples from Deadmau5 and Soy Mustafa and it was nice to understand these concepts with examples from other producers. Similarly, this weeks masterclass was structured around a track made by the instructor himself, explaining the different elements of the track, particularly focussing on the transitions and giving tips and tricks to make the arrangement exciting. You can listen to the track we studied right here below:

For the last 1-2-1 session I decided to get some extra help on my own track (which I hope to be able to share with you at the end of the course). Since the last time I've deleted my original arrangement, moving back to session view. I also needed some help getting a proper bass line added to the track. It's really a luxury to get direct help and feedback on my own tracks and having a trained pair of ears to help me out and for not musically trained people like me, this is a big help.

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