Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Morning Dew

Swiss based producer Nora En Pure recently released a new EP called "Morning Dew" containing to tracks. The a-side track going by the same name as the EP has a very upbeat vibe, but the piano based melody has a very calming effect and is also the driving force of the track. Just like actual morning dew, there's something really fresh and crisp about this track that make it a real joy to listen to. Give it a spin yourself and grab a copy via Beatport where it's available now. Nora En Pure will also be playing at Coachella this year in case you have the chance to go :)

Get "Morning Dew" EP by Nora En Pure on BEATPORT or stream via SPOTIFY
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As you might now Galantis made "In My Head" available for a remix competition on Wavo, where it's still open for submission. However, why struggle making your own version when London based Suffix just dropped his version? It's a pleasant and laid back sound he has created and it suits the track very well. Particularly the vocal seems to thrive in this environment. You can grab a free download on his Wavo page.

Download HERE
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