Point Blank Music School: Week 4 + 1-2-1 #2

Week 4: Scenes and Effects

  • Building scenes: capture and insert, labelling
  • Effects: inserts v sends/returns, when and why?
  • Delay and Reverb
  • Creative effects: Beat Repeat and Auto Filter
  • Midi mapping: sends, midi map values
  • Key mapping: toggle switches, mixing desk
  • Resampling: what and why? Frequency shifter

I am officially half-way through Point Blank's Ableton Production Course and this week was all about audio and midi effects, as well as mapping and building scenes in Ableton's characteristic session view. There's been plenty of learning to take onboard. This week I also had to submit a home assignment, applying the skills learned during last week and this weeks syllabus. For the assignment I had to create 3 pieces of music (16 bars or 32 bars) and I've uploaded them here for you to take a listen:

The three clips were all made using Ableton's built-in instruments (apart from a single swoosh effect and a crash sound on track 2).

1-2-1 #2 and Masterclass 4

Yesterday I also had my second 1-2-1 session with the instructor Freddy Cuin. As an active musician, Freddy is travelling around the world. He is basically in another location everytime I see him for a masterclass or 1-2-1 session. It is really cool to have the course taught by someone who's "in the business" and can share insights from the studio, but also live performances. However, this also has a downside as the instructor is less flexible timewise and has to schedule masterclasses according to a tight schedule. As I have mentioned before, it's always possible to review the recorded masterclass later, but it's nice to be able to be there when the masterclass happens, to ask questions along the way. 

Freddy was in Columbia this week and his hotel internet connection had serious bandwith issues. I was still able to enjoy my 1-2-1 session and learned a lot, but unfortunatly the masterclass had to be interrupted and rescheduled for next week, due to too much lag and stutter. 

Next week is going to be about record arrangement and adding vocals. I look very much forward to that and to receive feedback on the 3 tracks I've made for this weeks home assignment. 

More info on the course I am taking: CLICK HERE (via Point Blank).
Also visit Point Blank to see all their programs and offerings: www.pointblanklondon.com


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