Monday, January 18, 2016

Losing Myself

Munich based producer and DJ Sandy Dae has released a cool track called "Losing Myself" and along with the original mix, there's an excellent remix by Mark Lower. This version has a deep house/house flavour, but where it really marks itself is with it's amazing bassline. The stars and moon must have aligned perfectly when Mark recorded that's perfect! Combined with all the other elements and a fine groove, this is a winner. Check it out below and pick up a copy via Beatport.

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Up next is a remix by NYC duo Shades for SNBRN's "Beat The Sunrise". With an upbeat and progressive house vibe, the duo has made this track even more catchy than it already was. It's a very uplifting track, with plenty of energy and melodic awesomeness! Unfortunately it doesn't have a release date or free download option, but feel free to stream the remix all you want right here below:

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