Sunday, March 6, 2016

All I Want

Pierce Fulton returns with a new remix for Echos' "All I Want". If you're used to Pierce's sound, this might surprise you. It's sounds remarkable different, but he still gives it all on his guitar. Pierce has even made a video showing his remixing process. It's something he has done with other releases too, but it's pretty cool and shows his crazy skill and use of real instruments. Check out both remix and video below:

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Up next is a laid back version of a Jean Tonique's hit "Guest" feat. Iris. Maybe you remember the original version or perhaps the remix by Young Franco which was featured here on the blog a while ago. Now the Jean Tonique himself has made an alternative remix and it's a cool acoustic like version, which is super chillout friendly. So if you've had a rough weekend, hit play on this one and relax :)

This version, along with a few other remixes (incl. the one by Young Franco) is out now on the official remix package. Check the link below if you want to pick it up.

Jean Tonique is also releasing an album called "You" on CD and vinyl, which will be out on March 14th. So stay tuned for that :)

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