Thursday, March 10, 2016

Smoke Signals

Hotel Garuda have released a new single called "Smoke Signals" via PRMD. The track has elements from various genres, but that's not really what's important. The sound is important!!! The bass is phenomenal and there's a good balance between the upbeat and downbeat parts of the track. The vocal helps set the scene for the track and the track never goes all crazy at any point. It's a really refined track and that is somethings that's worth appreciating. Fans of Hotel Garuda will recognise the style and new fans will have something to discover on this one. Give it a listen below and buy/stream via the link below:

Get/Stream "Smoke Signals" by Hotel Garuda HERE
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Up next is a new single by SOFI TUKKER called "Hey Lion". Listening to this track gives me serious jungle vibes. It's a cool and different sounding track and it's perhaps something you wouldn't expect to find here on the blog. The bass line give the track a really characteristic feel and it's also super catchy. I'm sure this will become a fan favourite pretty quickly! The release is set for March 11th, so until then you can listen to it right here below:

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