Thursday, March 31, 2016

Milk & Honey

LA based producer Cruels has released a nice single called "Milk & Honey" feat. PrXmise. With a solid and really catchy house instrumental this track just sounds good from second one. The vocal suits the "Milk & Honey" too and the vocal chopping on the drop, gives the track a nice extra kick and energy. What I like the most about this track though is the synth line, it's simple, yet it has a very pleasant sound. Check out the track for yourself right here below, or stream via Spotify. Enjoy :)

Stream "Milk & Honey" by Cruels on SPOTIFY
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Staying in LA, Two Friends return with a remix for Mako's "Way Back Home". I love how the duo managed to use the quiet parts from the original track, but then power it up with their characteristic punchy piano sound, which adds plenty of energy and a catchy melody to rock out to. For me, this remix has already turned into a proper earworm that I can't stop listening to. This remix is an official remix for Mako, so you can stream it via all the official channels or pick up a copy via Itunes or Beatport. Check the link below:

Get/Stream "Way Back Home" (Two Friends Remix) by Mako HERE
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And guess what... for the third and final track we also stay in LA :) RYDER has released this awesome piece of indie electronica called "Fade Away". The dark and deep sounding instrumental works wonders together with RYDER's haunting vocal. This is a track you won't forget easily. It has a lot of character and a very special vibe. Make sure to pick up a free download of this via the link below:

Download HERE
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