Friday, March 25, 2016

Drop Your Love

It's good to be back! After being away most of this week, I am excited to be bringing you new music again :)

First up is a track by Aussie based producer Young Franco feat. DiRTY RADiO called "Drop Your Love". This is a piece of happy/feel good house music. You know the vibes are dope as soon as you hear those classy piano chords and the catchy synth hook. The vocal is pretty darn crisp too, with a delightful soul vibe. 

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Up next is something for all you bass aficionados. Here's Consoul Trainin & Michael Karrera with "Time Goes By". Apart from the recognisable sample, what this track really does well is bass, bass and...oh yeah...bass. The bass line is what this track is all about and it's absolutely brilliant. It's a proper deep house track and it's out now via KudoZ Records. Grab a copy via Beatport (see link below).

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Finally, to wrap up today's post here's TroyBoi with "And Wot?". With a very distinctive UK House sound and a catchy vocal line going "Roll into the club, buss up the dance, tell em AND WOT?' this thing is pretty much unstoppable. I'm not kidding around...this this is seriously fire. Check it out for yourself:

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