Monday, March 7, 2016


Canadian duo Project 46 have teamed up with BYNON for a release they call "Castles". It's a sweet melodic deep house track with a beautiful and positive sounding melody. It's a very calming piece of house music, with some soothing vocals and bouncy drop. "Castles" is out now on Kaskade's label arkade and you can pick up a copy via Itunes (see link below).

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Speaking of Kaskade, the legend has released an extended mix for his track "US" which he did together with CID for the album Automatic. Especially if you're a DJ you will appreciate the extra long intro and outro on this amazing track. I also tend to prefer extended mixes as I prefer having that extra buildup of excitement before the main parts of the song begin. 

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Last, but not least, I want to drop a special new track by Lost Kings. The LA based duo just released a new single called "Marathon" feat. Cosmos & Creature. This track will be part of their "The Good EP", which will see the light of day on March 11th. "Marathon" has a sweet summer like vibe and some really catchy lyrics to sing along to. There's a distinct tropical vibe to the track, making me want to go to the beach. Unfortunatly it's cold and rainy where I am...but maybe you're at a place where you can hit the waves ;-)

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