Something Good

The Good EP by Lost Kings is complete with this second release called "Something Good". The other track on the EP is "Marathon", which you'll remember if you read the blog or listen to the channel via Hype Machine of "Something Good" is nothing short of the goodness. It's a happy sounding tune and I love the simple, yet catchy instrumental. The vocal was performed by LA based Bryce Fox and it's absolutely on point! Grab or stream the entire "The Good" EP via the link below:

Get/Stream "The Good EP" by Lost Kings HERE
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Another EP that has seen its full release is "Future Soup" by Autograf. Their EP contains 5 awesome tracks, some with lyrics, some purely instrumental. I love the sounds they've used throughout this EP. A track like "Horizons" takes the listener more towards techno and deep house, where a track like "Slow Burn" has more blissfull moments using more organic sounds. There's really something for everyone on this EP. I've picked the two before mentioned tracks for you to listen to here, but be sure to get/stream the full EP via Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport etc. (see link below).

Get/Stream "Future Soup EP" HERE
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