Saturday, February 13, 2016

Don't Let Me Down

The Chainsmokers recently released their new single called "Don't Let Me Down" feat Daya and while it has already charted on Hype Machine and has gotten lots of playtime on radio. I still want to throw this one a mention, because it's such a different track for the duo. This is the first time Alex and Drew have made a track inspired track and used guitar sounds as the dominant instrument during the verses. The Chainsmokers were recently performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and they also talked about how they wrote "Don't Let Me Down". Check it out below:

Please notice that the Soundcloud link has been shortened (check Spotify if you want to stream the full version)

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Up next is a track by NURII called "Simba". I'm not sure if Simba from The Lion King was into bass music, but either way this track is just as loud as a lions roar. It's one of the more awesome and energetic tracks I've heard in a while and it's a free download too. Grab a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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If you're looking for a track that has a deeper flavour then this next track is for you. Fred Falke's track "It's A Memory" has been remixed by Amtrac. Amtrac has been super busy, starting his year with an EP release and other remixes as well and nothing seems to stop him from releasing awesome tunes just yet. Make sure to give this one a listen below:

Get "It's A Memory" (Amtrac Remix) by Fred Falke HERE
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Finally, I want to round up today's post with a fresh release from Norwegian producer Jerry Folk. The track called "You Know" is a collab with Danish producer ELOQ, who is known for producing mostly trap inspired tracks. "You Know" is therefore a brilliant combination of what both these producers represent genre-wise. The result turns out as a mild trap track with the characteristic Jerry Folk vibe, making the track great for easy listening. "You Know" is available as a free download via the link below:

Download "You Know" HERE
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