Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Almost immediately after having released the remix for MSTR ROGERS' "I'll Take You", Solidisco returns with a new original called "Golden". In fact, this is nothing less than golden, with a disco vibe that's kicks ass and a smooth vocal by newcomer AM!R. This track has the ability to put a smile on your face instantly. It's that good...it's fuc*ing golden!

Get/Stream "Golden" by Solidisco HERE
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Up next is a more chillout inspired indie electronica track by Shallou called "Heights". This track sounds refreshingly organic with the use of all sorts of nature samples. It's sounds like you're in the middle of some Indian jungle or rainforest. It's a dope nature inspired instrumental and it's catchy as well. Give it a listen and grab a copy of this cool track via Bandcamp (link below):

Get "Heights" by Shallou on BANDCAMP
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Finally, I want to share a fine freebie with you. This is a track by Thandi Phoenix called "Unravelling". The track has one of the most amazing bass lines I've heard in a while. It's groovey, it has a fresh sounding vocal, it's crisp and upbeat...It just sounds fantastic! Grab a download via the link below:

Download HERE
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