Friday, February 19, 2016

Wasted On You

Louis Futon, who I one of my favourite producers, return with a brand new original called "Wasted On You" featuring Rozes. While Louis Futon has always surprised me with his creative beat making skills, this one actually has a pretty simple sounding beat. However, on this track with Rozes it makes sense and it's pleasantly straightforward. The listeners stays more focused on the fine vocal and the catchy melody and that's perfectly on point.

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London based NVOY have made a remix for Honne's "No Place Like Home" and turned it into an upbeat club friendly tune with a kick ass beat, synth and bass line. The track has a cool deep and hypnotic house vibe, which fits really well with the theme and line "It's 2AM in Tokyo". There's no release date available for this one yet, but feel free to stream it all you want below:

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