Friday, February 5, 2016

Point Blank Music School: Week 8

Week 8: Finish Project

  • Apply finishing touches to project
  • Exporting your track , options, dither
  • What is mastering? Pro mastering vs. ‘maxing’
  • Mastering basics: master bus additions
  • Ableton Course Final Test
  • Soundcloud and your online profile
  • Assignment 8: finish final track
It's the final week of Point Blank's Ableton Live Course and things are getting serious. The last assignment that needs to be submitted by me is a full and complete track, combining everything I've learned during the course. Because I've been away on holiday I am a little behind with the self study part of the course, but I've managed to attend every masterclass and 1-2-1 session during the 8 weeks. The final week also includes a multiple choice quiz which needs to be submitted, testing whether I've acquired knowledge about music production. 

When I started the course I also started producing a new track, which I wanted to share with all of you at the end. However, this track never really got finished and it got ever more complex and "out-of-sync" with what I wanted it to be. However, during the course I've always started new projects as well and one of them I've completed and it will be track that I will submit during the weekend to be reviewed by the course instructor. 

While this week has been about mastering, the concept is too complex to really go into depth with in this relatively short online course. Therefore, the mastering will be demoed specifically for the track I will submit by the course instructor in a video response, which I will receive later. 

Overall this course has been incredible to be part of. Not only did I have the most awesome instructor, but I also benefitted greatly from a lively forum and debate amongst other course participants. The only downside I can think of was the lack of masterclass scheduling flexibility, which sometimes made it difficult for some to attend the live session. In the first weeks there were several dates to choose from and it was possible to vote for the most convenient day to schedule the masterclass. That being said, I still prefer having an instructor who works as an active musician, who knows how the business works and how to use Ableton in a live performance setup as well. 

To finalise this journey, here is the track I made. I called it "Under Palmtrees". It's not mastered yet, so you may want to turn up your speakers ever so slightly to hear it properly. 

Thank you for reading about my attempt to become a better producer and good luck with your own career!

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