Thursday, February 4, 2016


NYC based artist Brooke Forman has released her first single called "Lioness" from her upcoming EP going by the same name. If the name Brooke Forman doesn't immediately ring a bell, you might still be familiar with her voice from songs like "Temporary Love" by Elephante and Magnificence & Alec Maire's "Heartbeat", which was also edited by Nicky Romero. Unlike the songs listed here, Brooke's first single is more towards the pop genre, but does also include elements from house music. "Lioness" is a really catchy pop song and her vocal is perfect on this song. I particularly like the verses with the repetitive niaya niaya niaya part, it's really one for fans to sing along too. This first single is out now via Itunes and you can pick up a copy via the link below:

There's also a cool music video you can check out:

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Up next is a remix by Romanian producer Boehm form Novo Amor's "Anchor". It's a pleasant sounding deep/indie electronica tune, perhaps with a subtle Bon Iver flavour to it. If you're looking for a tune which you can chill out to, then this is for's a free download as well, so make sure to pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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