Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today's first track is a real crispy one! This is "Guest" by Jean Tonique in the Young Franco remix and it's a perfect example of a remix gone right. While the original theme has been maintained, this new version is more upbeat, has an even more positive vibe and a cracking beat. This remix is part of the official remix package for "Guest". That means that you can go ahead and visit your favourite online music joint and pick up a copy there.

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Sticking with remixes for today, here's another one. This is a remix by Solidisco for MSTR ROGERS' "I'll Take You". This track has lots of piano goodness to show off and just like the track above, this also adds a more upbeat vibe compared to the original release. Solidisco have always been known to add killer grooves on their tracks and this is no different. Their remix is part of the official remix package and available via the link below:

Get "I'll Take You" (Solidisco Remix) by MSTR ROGERS on ITUNES
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