Thursday, February 11, 2016


Today's first tune is from Willy William called "EGO", but this is the Francis Mercier Remix. What does that mean? It means it's more clubby, it has a cracking bass line and it's absolutely genius. The core of the original vibe has still be maintained, so even if you're a fan of the standard version, you'd be surprised how awesome this version is too. There's no release date available for this remix, but you can stream it all you want right here below:

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Up next is a track that's been featured here before. It's "Home" by Neil Thomas, however this is the Jonas Vincent Remix. I love this remix, it's so on point so that if you haven't heard the original, you might think this is it. Jonas Vincent has added some awesome atmospheric elements, making the track really great for easy listening or a chillout lounge session. The result really speaks for itself, so make sure to hit play below.

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Finally, here is a track by Canadian duo Loud Luxury. They've taken the classic track by Nina Simone "Sinnerman" and turned it into a track they call "Old Man". The track keeps the characteristic reggae flavour from the Nina Simone track, but apart from that it's a track with lots of delicious house omph and a dope, energetic vibe. Loud Luxury are giving this track away for free, so you can pick up a copy simply by hitting the link below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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