While I mostly focus on sharing dance friendly electronic music, sometimes you just have to move outside of the box in order to appreciate and share music that's really special sounding, like this cover by Swedish trio Ember Island for example. They've released their version of Radiohead's debut single from 1992 "Creep" and turned it into a wonderful emotional rollercoaster ride of awesomeness. The smooth vocal and the lush sounding instrumental makes it sound very calming and gives new life to this legendary track. The cover has already been out for a while, but maybe you haven't had the chance to check it out yet (like me). Hit play, watch the video or stream "Creep" via Spotify (link below). 

Stream "Creep" by Radiohead (Ember Island Cover) on SPOTIFY
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Up next is cool remix by Vibonacci & Starward for JES, Austin Leeds & Redhead Roman's "Happy". Giving "Happy" a more atmospheric and tropical vibe suits it really well and gives it a completely different sound. The delay on the vocal makes it sound haunting, but in a relaxing way, making this remix perfect for easy listening or a pool party set. Give it a spin and grab a copy or stream via the link below:

Get/Stream "Happy" (Vibonacci & Starward Remix) HERE
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