U.S. based producer Kiso has released a new tune called "Think". The original version was released about a year ago, but now Kiso has updated it with a vocal mix. While I am unfamiliar with the vocalist, I think her voice is really nice and makes "Think" a much more balanced and complete track. The track is what I would call a melodic deep house track and perhaps in this case a mix between deep house and tropical house, because of its nice summer friendly vibe. Give it a spin yourself here or via Spotify (link below). 

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I am a big fan of the original version of Young Franco's "Drop Your Love" feat. Dirty Radio, but now Jean Tonique has taken this track to funky town. The original vibe has been maintained, but it's been one up'ed on the grooviness. It's a super smooth remix and with Dirty Radio's dope vocal performance, the track sounds like it should have been this way from the beginning. Jean Tonique's version is part of the official remix package, which also includes remixes by Swindail, Jafunk and MSCLS and they are all out now (see link below).

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