A proper deep house tune can feel hypnotic, energetic and dope all at's like magic, isn't it?! At least this new track by Norwegian producer SoundSAM, claims to be just that..."Magic". With an amazing bass line and a dynamic sound this track is able to capture exactly the things mentioned above. This is pretty far away from your regular ol' melodic house track, but what I like about this track is that it's able to keep me as a listener engaged, even though it is quite a long track with its +7 minutes. SoundSAM's new track is out now and available via Beatport (see link below).

Get "Magic" by SoundSAM via BEATPORT
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Up next is a new remix by LA based producer Christofi for Opia's "Shadow Dances". For Christofi this is a more downtempo track than what he usually produces, however he still manages to pack in an appropriate amount of energy, by adding a light club vibe and a sweet melody. For a track like "Shadow Dances" this feels just right though. As it's quite a calming track to begin with, I like how Christofi has kept some of that in his remix. The remix is available as a free download, grab a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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