Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I Am The Elephante

Some big news have arrived from LA based producer Elephante, who is announcing his debut EP called "I Am The Elephante". Featuring a total of 9 tracks, including some of his biggest singles like "Catching On", "Closer" and "Black Ivory", calling it an EP is close to an understatement. With the announcement of the EP release, Elephante is revealing a new single called "Hold" featuring Jessica Jarrell. Compared to some of his previous releases, "Hold" is quite a downtempo track, but nonetheless captures that distinct sound I've come to love from Elephante. The vocal performance is also on point for a track like this. So grab a pair of headphones or fire up the stereo and press play! The full EP will be out on September 14th, but you can pre-order it right away and get hold of "Hold" (bad pun...but hey) :D

Pre-Order "I Am The Elephante" via ITUNES
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Up next is a collab between Shoffy and JackLNDN. The two have created a super smooth track called "Better Off Here". Thanks to a casual instrumental that uses oil drums for the melody, the vibe is chill and summer friendly. On Soundcloud the track description calls out the track for being "somewhere between nostalgia and paradise". Sounds about right to me. Grab a free download via the link below and enjoy the bliss.

Download HERE
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