For You

Today's first track comes from New Zealand based producer Sad Panda, who has teamed up with his U.S. based colleague BVRNOUT to create this formidable future bass/trap inspired track called "For You" feat. Kiva. While the verses are nice and chillout sounding, the drop gives the track a powerful and melodic punch. The vibe is both emotional and energetic and combined it's just perfectly on point. What Sad Panda and BVRNOUT have created, is a proper earworm. "For You" is out now and available as a free download or if streaming is more your thing, check out the Spotify link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE or stream via SPOTIFY

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Up next is a new remix by Canadian duo Young Bombs for Kiki Rowe's "Trust Issues". Although it's a bit of a dark sounding track, they've given the track a lighter note and a hint of tropical house, making it a nice easy listening club track. I really like the different and fresh sounding vibe and how it supports the soulful vocal performance by Kiki Rove. Also, with those perfectly catchy chords on the chorus, you'll find yourself humming along really quickly. "Trust Issues" (Young Bombs Remix) is out now and available for streaming via Spotify.

Stream "Trust Issues" (Young Bombs Remix) by Kiki Rowe via SPOTIFY

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