New York based producer Sean Turk starts out this week with a fantastic new remix for Salvatore's "Dive" feat. Enya & Alex Aris. While the trap vibe has been maintained, this remix stands out by with its emotional and deep melody. Once the drop hits, you're met with catchy vocal chop, accompanied by some lush synths that really enhance the before mentioned emotions. The vocal also feels right at home here, making you think the track was meant to be this way from the beginning. Sean Turk's remix is part of the official remix package, which also makes this his debut release with a major record label. In the remix package you'll also find versions by Sebastian Ingrosso & Salvatore, Vincent, Rob & Jack and P.A.F.F. All of them are out now and you can grab or stream them via most major platforms (see link below). 

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Up next is a remix by Swedish trio WYOMI for Azad's "Enough Of You", who have completely transformed this track. Giving it a more positive sounding and upbeat vibe suits "Enought Of You" really well. The trap beat has a nice energy to it and when the drop kicks in your met with a cascade of sounds, almost like fireworks going off. WYOMI's remix is like the track above,part of an official remix package, which also features remixes by SILQ and Cazzafura. They are all out now and available via Itunes. Enjoy :)

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