Wake Up Call

Shortly after marking his entrance and releasing a collab remix with Kaskade for RY X, mysterious producer Lipless drops his debut 3-track EP called "Wake Up Call". There's an ongoing theme on this EP, which is characterised by a rock inspired deep house note. That being said, the tracks all roam around different genres, yet that is actually what makes it so exciting to listen to. On the vocal front, the title track "Wake up Call" features the beautifully soothing voice of Haley, while "Give Me A Sign" delivers a cool and smooth sounding Georgi Kay. The final track "Two Of Us" is mostly instrumental, but nonetheless gives the listener a melodic and atmospheric sound that is worth diving into. 

Overall this release feels right at home on Kaskade's own imprint Arkade. The EPs influences can be said to be familiar with the likes of The Brocks, Late Night Alumni, Fairchild and particularly some never Kaskade releases. It's a very characteristic and diverse sound, giving new fans something that feels familiar, making it easy to like Lipless' style.

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