Let's start out this Sunday with something a bit alternative. Here's Xander with a dope track called "Ginger". The sounds used on this future style track are super cool and there's so much diversity, it never gets boring to listen replay this. Fortunately the track also has some more toned down parts, which allows your ears to breathe, giving "Ginger" a nice balance overall. The track is available as a free download, so make sure to pick up a copy via the link below.

Download HERE or stream via SPOTIFY
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Up next is a cool remix by Nebbra for Best Night Ever's "Fire Me Up". I'm a big fan of the original track, so that makes it a risky remix for me. Luckily Nebbra gets away with it with flying colours and creates a vibe that is just as catchy or maybe even more so. If you want to get fired up just as much as me, then don't hesitate and pick up that free download goodness via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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