Saturday, November 12, 2016

Read My Lips

Cali based duo Instant Karma takes on King Deco's "Read My Lips" and turn it into a happy sounding, club ready version. The catchy instrumental provides a great contrast to the sweet vocal from the Jordanian singer/songwriter. The energy also feels on point and doesn't become overpowering or unbalanced, complimenting the original vibe, while at the same time making it extra earworm worthy. Give it a spin and grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE

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Up next is a track by the fabulous Eau Claire called "All The Wonder", here in the Loframes Remix. The French duo has managed to make an already dope track extra dope, thanks to a super catchy and well sounding bass line that just goes hand in hand with the deeper sounding vocal sample and a snappy house beat (which includes cowbell ;-D). The original mix comes off Eau Claire's debut EP, which I have brutally neglected due to my hiatus period. Fortunately I'll pick that up later, alongside new stuff that she is working on, coming soon. Stay tuned :)

Get "All The Wonder" (Loframes Remix) via ITUNES

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