Saturday, November 19, 2016

In The Name Of Love

The artwork above should give you a good indication of what you're about to experience....pure remixing bliss! Amsterdam based duo The Him has gotten their hands on Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha's super hit and turned it into a dope melodic piano house style club track. I also particularly like the sound used around of the second verse, which reminds be a bit of a barrel organ. A fun, maybe unintentional, detail that just works amazingly well and gives the track a refreshingly new sound. Of course this remix packs plenty of feel good house vibes too, so just dive right in and hit the play button below:

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If you like "In The Name Of Love", you should definitely also check out the version by Danish producer Andreas Holdø, who's maybe better known as Snavs (Snavs = dirt in Danish). With a more trap inspired approach, Snavs' remix speeds up the vocal and gets a little dirty with it. To my surprise this actually works quite well and the drop also feels perfectly on point and hits the mark with a catchy bass tap.

Maybe you prefer one remix over the other, or maybe you are like me and think they are both super dope. Either way, you can find both of them in the official "In The Name of Love" remix package (see link below). Enjoy!

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