Right Time

The dude in the picture above is responsible for today's first track called "Right Away". Maybe you recognise him, but if you don't this is the one and only Montreal based producer going by the name of Robotaki. Some of his most well known work includes the remix he did for Daft Punk's "Derezzed", which is absolutely legendary. Now Robotaki is back with this new single and it's as awesome as you would expect. I also really like the vocalist he has found for this track, giving the track a nice balance overall. The slightly bouncy beat and the dreamy melody makes you forget place and time for a while, when listening to this, but you'll wake up again from your sweet dream when the energetic, yet melodic chorus hits. Give "Right Away" a spin and check out the link below for download and alternative streaming options. 

Download/Stream "Right Time" by Robotaki feat. Ari by clicking HERE
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Up next is a track you might already know called "Plans" by Elephante feat. Brandyn Burnette, but this is the acoustic version. Yep, no pounding bass, not big drop, no swoosh and booms and crashes...just focus on the vocal and classic instruments like piano and guitar. Respect to Elephante and Brandyn Burnette for doing this and showing how electronic music can move beyond the genre and without a computer. Give it a good listen below and enjoy!

Download HERE or click HERE for alternative stream.

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