Let's start out with a new remix from Win & Woo. The Chicago based producer and DJ duo have taken on Cosmos & Creature's "Young" and turned it into a clubbier and more energetic version, while keeping some of the best elements from the original. Back when I was young the music didn't sound like this. It was pretty much dominated by Max Martin and a few lucky breaks. Thank god for diversity :D 

Sentimental story aside, Win and Woo's remix is out now and available for streaming right here below or via Spotify if that's your poison. Give it a spin below and enjoy!

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For the producers reading the blog it's not a surprise that Boombox Cartel & QUIX are running a remix competition over on Splice. That has also meant that I've been bombarded with remix submissions for this track. One that stood out to me though is this one remixed by Datsun & Shihkunin. Their version takes the track into a melodic future and trap inspired direction which I think works insanely well. The melody is on point and the track has literally created a ghosting effect on my brain. It's catchy, it sounds dope and the remix is available as a free download. What more do you want? :)

Download HERE
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