Monday, November 21, 2016


It's getting cold and dark in my part of the world, but in other parts it's a nice hot summer. Since I can't just easily go to a place like that, I will instead boost my moral with a bit of a summery remix, coming from Koni. This time the producer has taken on LKA's "Wildfire" and given it his signature vibe to great a mood that makes you want to run to the beach and crash into the waves. Give his remix a spin and check out the link below for alternative streaming options:

Stream/Get "Wildfire" (Koni Remix) by clicking HERE
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Up next is a sweet and classy sounding remix by Vasta for Billie Eilish's "Six Feet Under". Vasta's simple, yet effective intro gives the vocal a lot of breathing space, creating an atmospheric vibe to die for. The slightly haunting feel that comes from the verses is then replaced by a cool 80's sounding electro/rock chorus/drop part, which is both catchy and matches the overall vibe of the track. The track lands a fine balance between a modern deep house track and something retro, that for me just works incredibly well, making this one of the best remixes I've heard from Vasta so far.

Hit the play button and don't hesitate to pick up a free copy of this excellent remix via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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