Today's first track comes from a great band going by the name of The Brocks. I loved their previous single "Going Nowhere" and their new single, "HLYWD" is just as good in my opinion. The vibe is quite different though. While it captures their signature sound, it's not quite as energetic, but more laid back and emotional. I'm also a big fan of the telling lyrics and grand sounding instrumental, which has a lots of room to show off that dope vocal. "HLYWD" is out now via Kaskade's own imprint called Arkade. Give it a spin or check out the alternative stream/buy links below. Enjoy!

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With the U.S. Presidential election going on at this very moment, I thought this would be an appropriate track to bring along in the post. This sweet track is called "Land Of The Free" by The Russ Liquid Test feat. Mr. Lif and it perfectly describes...lots of things going on in the U.S. Most of the things aren't really what you'd call positive, but heck it's some damn clever rhyming. If you're an American listening to this single, don't feel depressed...go out an vote!

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