Saturday, November 5, 2016


And most colourful scarf award goes to....KOLAJ...ok, joke aside...instead I'd like to show you their latest single called "Hitchhike". If you are familiar with previous KOLAJ releases, you will notice how this new song captured their signature sound perfectly. Their well-rounded indie/electronica is a success formula and listening to Teesa Houston's vocal can transform a real shit day into a good day. With that said, hit play or stream "Hitchhike" via Spotify (see link below)

Stream "Hitchhike" via SPOTIFY
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Up next is a soulful electro remix by JNTHN STEIN for Joe Hertz's track "Swimming". While the original on its own sounds absolutely amazing, this remix has a really nice touch too. Some lush pad sounds for instance makes the track open up and gives it a more atmospheric vibe. The electric guitar strokes also provides the track with a hint more energy than the original and accentuates the instrumental overall. Earworm? Oh...absolutely!

"Swimming" comes off Joe Hertz's new EP - How It Feels - which was released only a few weeks ago. You can check it out via the link below. Enjoy!

Stream "How It Feels" EP by Joe Hertz on SPOTIFY
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