Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Who doesn't like a dope bassline? Well..I do!!!...and when listening to this new track by Papa Ya called "Sunny" it's impossible not to groove along. The playful, catchy melody and sound has proper earworm appeal and makes for a happy, yet club worthy tune thanks to a saw like synth in key parts. That being said, the track is more of a party/feel good track, than it's a classic house club tune. You'll get what I mean when you hit the play button and trust me, you won't be disappointed. If this doesn't put you in a good mood, I don't know what will! Give "Sunny" a spin and don't forget to pick up that no-brainer free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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Up next is the latest and greatest by The Chainsmokers. Their newest single "Setting Fires" has been out for some time now, but heck I can't fight all fronts unfortunately and always cover the tracks when they are fresh out of the oven. That doesn't hold me back from saying out loud how much I love this track. In fact it might be my favourite track by the duo to date, even though it might not beat Roses and Closer on popular vote. Alex and Drew also decided it was time to wrap up some of their latest singles into an EP called Collage.

Having said before...and again...that they see their work as stages in their lives, rather than material for a coherent album, they stick with the EP and single release setup. To be honest I would personally love to see (I mean hear) an album from The Chainsmokers, but who knows, maybe some day we will. Until then, check out Collage EP below.

Get/Stream Collage EP by clicking HERE
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