Day by Day

Remember that awesome earworm "Drinkee" by SOFI TUKKER? Well...that piece of awesomeness has now been remixed by Vintage Culture & Slow Motion! and that has resulted in the earwormness being greatly enhanced (not quite sure that makes sense, but hopefully you know what I mean). The main theme of "Drinkee" has been maintained, but the arrangement has been cleverly revised, making this track so catchy you won't be able to forget the track for the next many days. Figure out what I am talking about by pressing play or check out the link below for alternative options. Enjoy :)

Get/Stream "Drinkee" (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion!) by SOFI TUKKER by clicking HERE

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Up next is a new single from the duo Disco Fries called "Day by Day" feat. Katt Rose. This is their go at a summer anthem and I think they've gotten away with it pretty well. The awesome piano chords, the sweet house beat and the excellent vocal makes this a track that will put you in a good mood...and it manages to do just that. In my book that's what summer anthems should be all about :D "Day by Day" is out now via Armada Zouk, check the link below if you want to pick up a copy or get alternative streaming options.

Get/Stream "Day by Day" by Disco Fries by clicking HERE
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