Sunday, July 3, 2016

So Clear

Today's first track comes from Dutch duo Kraak & Smaak, who have teamed up with Meeka Kates for one of the mellowest releases of 2016. With a catchy hook and a tempo that's on point for a track like this, it's a straight homerun for these guys. While the instrumental adds a cool base layer, Meeka Kates vocal gives the track an extra level of smoothness and provides the track with a  characteristic and recognisable sound that you probably won't forget soon. "So Clear" is out now and part of Kraak & Smaak's 5th studio album. Check out the link below for multiple streaming/purchasing options. Enjoy :)

Get the album "Juicy Fruit" by Kraak & Smaak (incl. So Clear) by clicking HERE
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Up next is a new remix by Sean Turk for Stephen's "Crossfire". The producer maintains some of that melodramatic vibe that the original had, but then goes to town on the drop. As you'll hear, this part stands out with its powerful and energetic trap inspired vibe and makes the track sound even darker than it did before, but in a truly awesome way. Sean Turk's remix is available as a free download via the link below.

Download HERE
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