Destination Sunrise

This summer in particular has just been packed with summer friendly beats and vibe and this next track joins the list. Brooklyn based Bit Funk has crafted this track here called "Destination Sunrise" feat. Nefe and manages to put you in an instant holiday mood. The good vibes on this track are powered by a perfect beat, a xylophone style melody, chill piano chords, groovy bassline and a perfect vocal for a track like this. "Destination Sunrise" will be out on July 8th, until then you can stream it all you want right here below:

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Let's take a slightly deeper route with this next track coming from PLS&TY & Autolaser called "Hiding From The Rain", here in the Vasta Remix. With a very subby bassline and an almost industrial sounding tech beat, this track enters new territory. While the original mix sounds more like a chilled out GRiZ track, this version makes it much clubbier and darker sounding. This different style suits "Hiding From The Rain" well though and I guess it won't make you sad to hear that it's a free download as well! Go pick up your own copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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