Summer Heat

If you're based in Copenhagen just as me, you'll agree that the summer heat has pretty much disappeared for the last few weeks. Good thing Solidisco can provide us all with a different kind of "Summer Heat" then :) Their new single is a proper clubby summer hit, with some catchy lyrics and dope bass line. So if you need some extra awesome vibes for your beach party playlist, then don't forget to add this. Hit play or check out the Spotify streaming link below:

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Continuing with another summer friendly tune, here's Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore" feat. Selena Gomez in the Lash Remix. Lash have turned this track into a blissful melodic deep house tune, with hints of tropical house, providing the track with a vibe that is perfectly on point. The vocal chopping makes the track sound extra catchy, turning this remix into a proper earworm. There might be some country restrictions on the Soundcloud link below, but alternatively you can check out the tune via Youtube or grab a copy via Itunes. Enjoy :)

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