Friday, July 29, 2016

Up All Night

LA has proven to be quite nest for upcoming producers and particularly the electronic scene has a strong foothold there. Matt DiMona is one of those producers who popped up a few years ago and ever since he has amazed me with his unique sound and his relaxing vibes. He now returns with a brand new 5-track EP called "Up All Night". The track I've picked out from the EP is called "Next 2 U" feat. Kiki Halliday. It perfectly captures what it is I like about Matt's so-called "feel-good house music". A chillout instrumental, a soothing vocal and vibes to give you goosebumps (in the best possible way though) is how I would describe it, but my description doesn't make it justice. 

From Matt DiMona's perspective, this EP has been a 6 month journey. There's a complete story buried within the 5 tracks, about his experience being in LA. Dive in to the story by pressing play and grab your own personal copy via the link below. Enjoy :)

Stream the full "Up All Night" EP via SOUNDCLOUD
Download "Up All Night" HERE

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Back in my own neck of the woods (or close by), Helsinki based producer Thrill Mode has created this deep house style version of Galantis' "No Money". Having changed the pitch on the vocal to the deeper side and giving "No Money" a catchy bass line has really paid off, making this track sound all new and fresh again. Slowing down the pace has also helped boosting the vibe of this track, but you need to give it a listen yourself, to really fully appreciate it :)

Download HERE
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