Want You Need You

Today's first track is called "Want You Need You" by Toronto based Margeaux. With her sweet and soulful vocal and Kaytranada inspired instrumental, this track is an instant win. It's a track that does very well, combining multiple genres. It's a proper genre soup really, but what damn delicious soup it is! With this excellent release, I am hoping to hear much more from Margeaux in the near future. Give "Want You Need You" a proper listen right here and make sure to follow Margeaux on social media via the links below.

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Up next is a big new release from Pierce Fulton. This is the first EP release from Pierce since 2011 and while that is special in itself, it also marks a new direction music wise for the U.S. producer. This new EP is called Borrowed Lives and features a total of 4 tracks. I've previously shown off the first single called "Make Me Blue", but in fairness it's the entire EP that needs your uninterrupted attention. Two more singles from the EP are featured below and I'll just leave them here for you to enjoy. You can stream/download the entire EP via most major platforms. 

Get/Stream "Borrowed Lives" EP via ITUNES / SPOTIFY
Follow Pierce Fulton on social media: FACEBOOK // TWITTER


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