Fade Out

I can't think of a summer that has produced so many new summer friendly tracks. Now S.F. based producer Viceroy is ready with his new hit called "Fade Out" Gavin Turek. It's a proper downtempo disco track, with plenty of feel good vibes thanks to some sweet guitar picks and some smooth atmospheric pad sounds. The groove is so nice and easy going, it makes you want to kick back, relax and enjoy a cool drink. "Fade Out" is out now and available via most major platforms (see link below).

Get/Stream "Fade Out" by Viceroy feat. Gavin Turek by clicking HERE
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Up next is a cool instrumental by Wolverhampton based producer CallumDr called "Ukiyo". With a lush electronic vibe and some excellent Japanese inspired sound elements, this track convinces with its catchy melody and combination between electronic and more organic sounds. "Ukiyo" is a reference to a specific Japanese era that describes a very pleasure oriented aspect of life. Before you google it though, be prepared for that NSFW content.

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