Killers On The Loose

"Killers On The Loose" is the title of B-Sides new single feat. Nevve and quite unfortunately it's also a title that's very relevant these days. Apart from hitting on a very delicate nerve, it's a really well produced track that stands out with its excellent trap vibe and beautiful vocal. The drop itself is nicely controlled, but overall the track is nicely balanced and still provides some on point energy. It's the first time I've featured a track by B-Sides on the blog, however he is not exactly what you would call a newcomer. Having worked with artists like Lupe Fiasco and Dr. Dre and tought fellow producers like Jauz and Nghtmre, he surely knows his craft. Make sure to give "Killers On The Loose" and proper listen and grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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Up next is a track that you'll know sounds good just looking at the title. Autograf's track "Future Soup" has been remixed by German house genius Ferdinand Weber and the result is incredible smooth. With a super sweet deep sounding synth and a perfectly matching beat on top, this just rocks from the second you hit play. This works just as well in a club, as it does for a chillout session. You decide! Make sure to hit that play button and pick up a copy over at Itunes (see link below).

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