Sunday, July 10, 2016

Science Of The Heart

Today's first track comes from Dutch dup Majestique feat. VAn called "Science Of The Heart", combining some pop inspired house tunes with clever lyrics and a catchy vibe. The track also gets a hint 80's disco feel with a cool bass line and some nice synths. The track is out now as part of a four track EP going by the same name as this track. You can stream or pick it up via your favourite outlet via the link below. Enjoy :)

Get/Stream "Science Of The Heart EP" by Majestique by clickling HERE
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Up next is a remix by Truth & Lies for TJDJS' track "Over You". I an funky French house turn of events, this excellent track now has a new and fresh sounding vibe. Both versions are upbeat and clubby though, but this is perhaps a bit more summer friendly, with it's lighter and slightly less bass heavy sound. Make sure to smash that play button and pick up a free download via the link below :)

Download HERE
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