Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Make You Mine

Justin Jay is rounding up his album "Fantastic Voyage" by releasing the last single called "Make You Mine" feat. Josh Taylor. This track is probably the most bass heavy on the entire album, making it sound like a deep house techno indie style track and this is further enhanced by the use of some robotic vocal effects. Overall, Justin Jay again proves that he is extremely diverse, adding to the hype for the full and final release of "Fantastic Voyage". Give the track a listen below or stream via Spotify. Enjoy :)

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Let's continuing with a new track by Torontonian duo Rainer + Grimm called "Do It Right". This piece of genius is filled to the brim with good vibes. Some sweet piano chords add lightness, while a catchy and pumping bass line fills the track with smooth club vibe. The vocal is also perfect for a track like this by being simple, yet effective. Give "Do It Right" a proper listen below and stay tuned for the release on July 15th (that's on Friday, in case you're in doubt).

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