Bring Back The Summer

Yes! INSTRUM is back at it again with those remixes and this time the producer from NYC has taken Rain Man's new single called "Bring Back The Summer" and turned it into a future bass (still trap inspired) piece of summertime bliss. I thought the original version couldn't get much catchier, but INSTRUM has proved me wrong. There's no release date for this one (yet), because INSTRUM is entering the remix competition for "Bring Back The Summer" via Wavo.

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Up next is a more chillout inspired track by Swiss producer Kende called "Ni Hao". With a Chinese like sound profile this sweet instrumental has a cool and fresh flavour. I like the sound of the shiamisen which has been used throughout the track. Although it's a purely electronic track, it has a very organic vibe which makes it very calming to listen to. You can even pick up a download for free via Soundcloud. Enjoy :)

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