Warm Your Hands

Let's start this week with a piece of proper house music. German producer Tocadisco has had his hands on Paul Harris & Simon Duffy's track "Warm Your Hands" and turned it into a hypnotic, bass filled club banger. So if you're having trouble getting up in the morning, skip the coffee and fire this bad ass track up instead. You can even grab a free download via the box below. Enjoy :)

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Up next is a track by the duo KOLAJ called "The Touch". Ever since I heard Kaskade's track "Whatever" from his latest album "Automatic", KOLAJ have impressed me with their unique sound. Particularly the vocals performed by Teesa Houston have blown me away, as they contain a lot of emotion and honesty and give KOLAJ much of their signature sound. This I think is greatly captured on this track called "The Touch".

Below you can also find a short video describing how "The Touch" came about. It's a cool little insight into KOLAJ's style and how they go about making their music.

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Finally, I want to wrap up with something brand new by ZHU and Kaskade. I am not going to say a whole lot about this track, except I can't help but feeling a bit nostalgic when listening to that guitar melody on this track. "In The Morning" as this track is called, originally appeared on ZHU's soundcloud about a month ago, but this (remix/special edit) got me extra hyped. For long time Kaskade fans this will bring back memories to the time around "It's You, It's Me" and a lot of other great guitar based house tracks that pretty much made Kaskade's career skyrocket.

I picked this one up via Dancing Astronaut, so be sure to check out their original article by clicking HERE.

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